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Artists will be leading two back-to-back morning classes on a Wednesday and Thursday morning at The Lodge Space. Classes are taught at an advanced level and are for dancers and/or movement practitioners working in all styles.

–> all classes are £7.50 (unless noted otherwise), click the button below to book
–> please book ahead as the class has a maximum of 15 dancers and often sell out
–> class times are 10:00 – 11:30am both days

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tommaso-petrolo-hires-photo-dougie-evans-1-e1568198092354.jpgOCT 9th & 10th // Tommaso Petrolo – Contemporary with Improv This class uses technical and improvisational elements to guide the dancers through an efficient and functional warm up. The first half of the session will offer freedom to the body; the second part of the class is dedicated to choreographic composition. The dancers will be asked to quickly access an intricate and physical language, and to break out of old movement patterns to give the body complete freedom and expressivity. Photo by Dougie Evans. More about the artist. BOOK NOW

photo by Maria Andrews_2OCT 30th & 31st // Antonio de la Fe – Klein Technique™ This a process-based system of work through which the body is analysed and understood in order to improve and to further movement potential, decrease and heal injuries. The technique was developed by Susan Klein in the early 80’s and has been studied and used by an entire generation of dancers and choreographers, including Trisha Brown, Sasha Waltz and members of their companies. Photo by Maria Andrews. More about the artist. BOOK NOW

Becca teaching 1NOV 13th & 14th // Rebecca Evans + Pell Ensemble – Contemporary Technique Rebecca class draws on her 25 years of experience in ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates and inclusive movement practices. She starts from building a simple base creating alignment, strength and flexibility moving into more technically challenging sequences that build stamina and really move. Photo by Alice Underwood. More about the artist. BOOK NOW

14-img_9074.jpgNOV 27th & 28th // Sara Ruddock – Improvisation with Voice This class will be a space for exploring inner and outer bodily listening, on our own and together, to engage in practices of attention and connection through improvisation and scores, touch and play with sound, movement, voice, vibration, resistance/flow and rhythm. Photo by Gorm Ashurst from ‘Haptic Kin’ by Mayra Martin Ganzinotti (2018). More about the artist. BOOK NOW

dsc_0405.jpgDEC 11th & 12th // Florence Peake – Practice Explorations Drawing on somatic dance practices including Skinner Releasing Technique and her own art and dance background, this workshop relates to sensitivity, connectedness and integration. In an ever changing political landscape, this class fosters a sensorial and democratic environment by revealing and releasing conscious and subconscious desires. Incorporating writing, drawing, voice and touch into the movement explorations. More about the artist. BOOK NOW


“As [openclass] isn’t attached to a larger organisation or institution, there is a great freedom for teachers and dancers a-like to be in a place of experimentation with their practices, without a pressure of what these classes have to be like and how the body has to move within these classes – which is very unique. “ – Leah Marojević
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