Professional Class Schedule

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Artists will be leading two back-to-back morning classes on a Wednesday and Thursday morning at The Lodge Space. Classes are taught at an advanced level and are for dancers and/or movement practitioners working in all styles.

–> all classes are £7.50, click the button below to book
–> please book ahead as the class has a maximum of 15 dancers and often sell out
–> class times are 9:45 – 11:15am both days

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This is how we feel about having to cancel the season…

Sarah Blanc MFB July 2018 _Photo- Roswitha Chesher, HR-165 (1)Sarah Blanc demonstrates the emotion perfectly (credit Roswitha Chesher)

Please stay tuned, we will be rescheduling all artists for a future date. In the meantime, we send you lots of love and healthy vibes.

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“As [openclass] isn’t attached to a larger organisation or institution, there is a great freedom for teachers and dancers a-like to be in a place of experimentation with their practices, without a pressure of what these classes have to be like and how the body has to move within these classes – which is very unique. “ – Leah Marojević
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