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Six artists will be leading two back-to-back morning classes on a Wednesday and Thursday morning at The Lodge Space. Classes are taught at an advanced level and are for dancers and/or movement practitioners working in all styles.

–> all classes are £7.00 (plus £0.50 booking fee) click the button below to book
–> please book ahead as the class has a maximum of 15 dancers and classes sell out
–> class times are 10:00 – 11:30am both days

Book online MAY 22 + 23 
Tim Casson // PlayDance Tim’s classes are an energetic and challenging mixture of physical work, theatricality, and fun. Classes start from spatial games and improvisation before developing into more structured exercises to develop coordination, connections through the body, the mechanics of floorwork and find the fundamental joy of moving through the space! More about the artist.

Book online JUNE 12 + 13 Lewis Cooke
 // RelaxtoErupt Class will focus on playfulness, curiosity and pushing our bodies away from where is naturally comfortable in order to find new pathways of moving. RelaxtoErupt is influenced by contemporary, floorwork, kathak, boxing and functional movement, and will include individual exercises and phrase work. More about the artist.

Seke 1
Book online JUNE 26 + 27 Seke Chimutengwende
 // Improvisation Class will look at different ways of generating material and relating it to other people in the space. You will be given the opportunity to make your own decisions in the moment, and will be encouraged to follow your own interests within given parameters. The aim of the class is to develop a sense of authorship and to enable a greater understanding of one’s own practice. More about the artist.

Book online JUNE 12 + 13 Ihsaan De Banya
 // Cunningham Inspired Class will start with standing exercises that focus on the articulation and mobility of the back. It will then travel through centre material with a focus of efficiency and alignment, ending with a guided improvisation to connect the dancer to sensation, imagination, and the joy of movement. More about the artist.

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